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Hello!  This is the online home of Matt McClendon;
user experience leader, innovator and entrepreneur.


I’m an experienced user experience leader with a proven track record for managing multiple tasks and leading others towards the successful completion of projects.


I managed a team of user experience designers dedicated to improving the way customers do business with Autodesk.

I helped Evernote design innovative experiences for mobile and connected devices in the US and China.

I managed a team of user experience designers focused on innovative, mobile experiences.

I managed Netscape’s design of MyAOL, AOL’s first fully dynamic, personalized portal.

What I can do

Lead the design of your product or service. Creating global-scale, next generation web, mobile and desktop applications.

Lead the UX strategy of your company, products and services. Leading design and business teams to bridge user and business goals.

Evaluate the usability of your product or service. Evaluating and testing usability to dramatically increase effectiveness and efficiency.

What people have said about me

“Matt is the quintessential User Experience leader — he's freaky smart and brings out the best in everybody he works with. He's a great conceptual and strategic thinker and he's wonderful at aligning different teams to a common vision gracefully. Matt has played a key role in establishing agency culture at LEVEL, and remains a cultural center of gravity for the agency. I would recommend Matt to anyone looking to add leadership and vision to their user experience practice.”
— Brien Grant, Creative Director, LEVEL Studios

“Matt is one of the most collaborative user experience designers - he works with visual designers and developers to come up with amazing interactions that delight our customers. Matt is skilled at clearly understanding and gathering requirements, in doing so he has taken projects that were confused and failing making them some of our most successful projects. I have seen him work miracles with clients when it comes to interaction design and requirements gathering.”
— Monica Tan, User Experience Manager, LEVEL Studios

“Matthew is among the most talented, well-organized Interaction designers that I have ever worked with. An enthusiastic problem solver by nature, his innovative solutions to difficult functionality issues are intelligent and intuitive.”
— Lori Washbon, Senior Interaction Designer, Friendster

“Matthew was a pleasure to have around. He was committed, talented, a good team player, and produced high quality work.”
— Taek Kwon, CEO, Friendster

“Matthew has an excellent grasp of user psychology and designed pages for our products that were streamlined and easy to navigate.”
— Casey Nance, General Manager, WyldFyre Technologies

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