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Hello!  This is the online home of Matt McClendon;
user experience leader, innovator and entrepreneur.

Recent Blog Entries

The core idea behind usability testing is having real people trying to accomplish real tasks on software, websites, mobile devices or hardware. Identifying what users are trying to do is a key first step. Once you know what tasks you want to test, you’ll want to create realistic task scenarios for participants to attempt. A […]

Human behavior is greatly influenced by unconscious thought. With a basic understanding of human cognition, we can help anticipate user behavior. It’s easy to see that humans have the urge to improve things. Whether it be a self-driving car or companies that will do your grocery shopping for you – there’s no denying people want […]

Featured Work

I direct a team of user experience designers dedicated to improving the way customers do business with Autodesk.

I helped Evernote design innovative experiences for mobile and connected devices in the US and China.

I managed a team of user experience designers focused on innovative, mobile experiences.

I managed Netscape’s design of MyAOL, AOL’s first fully dynamic, personalized portal.


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