matt mcclendon

Hello!  This is the online home of Matt McClendon;
user experience leader, innovator and entrepreneur.


I managed a team of user experience designers dedicated to improving the way customers do business with Autodesk.

I helped Evernote design innovative experiences for mobile and connected devices in the US and China.

I managed a team of user experience designers focused on innovative, mobile experiences.

I redesigned Toast, the essential complement to MacOS and iLife for disc burning and creation.

Redesigned Safeway’s online career portal to attract a wider range of candidates

Managed the user experience of Symantec’s enterprise training websites and online catalog

I led the redesign of My Yahoo!, Yahoo!’s user-customized counterpart to the homepage.

Led a massive site-wide upgrade to compete more effectively with MySpace and attract new users

Led the design of desktop and web-based applications for real estate professionals

I managed Netscape’s design of MyAOL, AOL’s first fully dynamic, personalized portal.

Developed a web-based application for managing the tasks associated with direct material procurement

Developed consumer web and web-based application interfaces for idealab!’s incubated companies

Designed the world’s first social networking sites for family, friends and colleagues

My personal website about design, technology and products

I am passionate about web accessibility, ensuring that everyone has the ability to access information.

Front-end web development using standards-based HTML, CSS, PHP, XML and JavaScript


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