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Hello!  This is the online home of Matt McClendon;
user experience leader, innovator and entrepreneur.


Netscape Netscape Netscape


Netscape Communications developed software for the Internet, enabling information exchange and commerce.


AOL Inc./Netscape Communications is a world-renowned Internet company, whom I had the opportunity to work with on two occasions. My responsibilities were the same during both periods of employment, interaction design, rapid prototyping, documentation and liaison between engineers and visual designers. My daily routine included meetings with visual designers and project managers to recognize features and requirements for projects, creating HTML and CSS to support engineers, producing “walk-through” mockups and giving our design team in Virginia real-time engineering feedback from Mountain View about progress of projects, and making design decisions when the gap between UI designing and engineering needed definition.

Work samples

I have additional wireframes, style guides, mockups and documentation available upon request.

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