matt mcclendon

Hello!  This is the online home of Matt McClendon;
user experience leader, innovator and entrepreneur.


I'm passionate about designing user experiences that actively engage and delight customers, resulting in a memorable, positive interaction. I have championed products ranging from network portals, social networks, SaaS applications and enterprise solutions, operating on various devices, including: personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, televisions and kiosks.

Design Philosophy

My design philosophy is based on three areas: people, simplicity and personality.

  • Become your user. It is essential to understand the customer’s background, lifestyle and goals when making design decisions. Include user research and user-centered approaches in projects wherever feasible in order to listen to users’ needs, observe them in their natural habitat, create personas and empathize with them.
  • Keep it simple. Life is already complicated; do not make it any worse. Use visual communication and interaction design principles to make products and services easy, effective and enjoyable.
  • Create personality. People are defined by their personalities — so are products. Use visual design, interaction design and communication principles to create a distinct, appealing experience that customers want to repeat.


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